Baby & Me: The Complete Tea Sampler Set

Price: $46.50 - $65.50

This is a set including a sample tin of each of our Baby & Me teas, and some choices to give you the tools you need to brew them.

We start with a sample tin (5 servings) of each of our Baby & Me teas:  Milk Aplenty (Lactation Aid), NighTea Night (Insomnia), Teafors Toofers (Tooth Pain), Lemony Lullabye (Muscle Relaxant), Baby Belly Bliss (Colic and Indigestion), Maggie's Fogcutter (Mental Acuity), Back to Breathing (Respiratory), Strong Start (Vitamins), Aftermath (Depression and Stress Relief), and Allerg-Ease (Allergies).

We then add a tea scoop and your choice of either a tea strainer or a box or 100 Rishi teabags.

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Back to Breathing (Organic Tea for Sinus Infections and Respiratory Health)

Price: $3.00 - $23.00

Back to Breathing was blended to combat my partner's persistent sinus infections, as well as to assist with general respiratory health.  The taste is mint, with a side of a different kind of mint, with a little bit of sweet added from the clover.

My partner used to suffer from sinus infections that would culminate with heavy doses of antibiotics, ridiculous amounts of facial swelling, and a ruined world for a week or more.  After watching this progression a few times, I figured there had to be a better option.  The hope was that this tea would nip the infections in the bud before they got far enough to be absolutely miserable.  This tea has staved them off for years now.  We've also received positive reports on this as an allergy tea, and an asthma tea.


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Bad Wolf (Vanilla Rose Cinnamon Caravan Tea)

Price: $5.50 - $67.50

Bad Wolf combines Smokey Russian Caravan with Cinnamon and Rosehips, with a hint of vanilla to tie it all together.

The idea for the tea was born while watching Doctor Who with our godson.  The words "Bad Wolf," had been scattered across space and time, and it really seemed as if they should have landed in our teas.  The concept for the taste came almost immediately, but it took us time to find an organic version of the black tea we felt was most suitable.

Prior to Bad Wolf, my partner was not a fan of either Cinnamon in tea, or the smokier teas.  This tea converted him to both.

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Baker Street Blend (Caravan Keemun Grey Tea)

Price: $5.50 - $66.00

Baker Street is a blend of 3 black teas:  Russian Caravan, Keemun, and Earl Grey.

It was born our of a request and gift from a friend.  I love a challenge, and I love creating new teas.  There is something incredibly zen about the process, and I get a fair amount of enjoyment and peace out of the blending, whether we are speaking to the initial experimentation, or putting together a batch for an order.

My friend had mentioned a particular tea blend that she loved, and she ended up sending my some bags of it to taste.  She had also been curious to see if I could make something similar, just clean and organic, with no oils or artificial flavours.

We taste tested the tea she sent, and realized that creating our own version was going to more complicated than our prior tea-for-taste work, because the foundation of it was a blend of different black teas.  Mister Tea and I decided to begin by creating a blend of black teas, and work from there.

That blend of black teas made us fall in love.  It has become our first choice for simple black drinking tea.

When we thought about the flavour of the tea, and the types of tea that had gone into the blending of it, we decided a nod to Holmes was in order.  The combination of the darker smokey Caravan tea and the dash of bergamot from the oh-so-British Earl Grey...  and our Baker Street Blend was born.

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Beauxbaton's Blend (Organic Elderberry Vanilla Black Tea)

Price: $5.50 - $55.00

Beauxbaton's starts with a wonderful blend of three black teas:  Russian Caravan, Earl Grey, and Keemun.  We then add enough Elderberries and Vanilla to turn it into a rich and decadent treat of a tea.

Beauxbaton's was my first blend where I was working from a tea I had been sent by a friend.  She had a tea she loved and wanted me to try, and had expressed curiosity as to whether or not I could make something similar - just clean and organic with nothing artificial added.

Mister Tea and I shared the first cup of the gifted tea, and came to the conclusion that we'd have to start with a specific mix of blacks before we could even begin to make our version.  The foundational tea blend was amazing, and became a tea in its own right.  (Baker Street Blend).  After we'd gotten that settled, I played around with how much Elderberry and Vanilla to add to add the truly decadent element of the inspirational tea.

The name for the tea had to have a nod to France, and with our habit of combining tea and geekery - the answer seemed obvious.  Beauxbaton's Blend has a bergamot and smokey black base, with the elderberry adding a lovely rich darker fruit taste, and the vanilla....  well, doing all the things that vanilla does.

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Believe Impossible Things (Organic Genmaicha Green Tea with Numeg and Cinnamon)

Price: $6.00 - $18.00

This tea combines Genmaicha Green Tea with Cinnamon and Nutmeg into a wonderful tea.

Believe Impossible Things came about because I wanted to expand my tea knowledge.  So with one of our restocking orders, I added a few new things to try.

Genmaicha I was a bit skeptical of.  Why would you put roasted brown rice in a tea?

My first cup surprised me, but in a good way.  However, the primary thought in my imind was, "Yay, this is really tasty, but it would be soooo much better if it had spices in it to make it taste kinda like a green tea rice pudding."

So I experimented a bit with ratios and amounts, and "Believe Impossible Things" was born.  It is one of the only green teas I sweeten, and it is the only green tea I add dairy to.

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Big Easy Mocha (Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Chicory Coffee)

Price: $26.00

'Big Easy Mocha' is a rich blend of dark roast coffee, cocoa powder, and chicory.


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Black Lemon Frost (Organic Black Lemon Mint Tea)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Black Lemon Frost came about, in part, because of a sense of self preservation and comfort.

It gets really hot in New Mexico.  Summer can be an amazingly brutal season.  I will still drink hot things, but I want something I can ice during the day, especially if I'm doing anything outisde.

I decided I wanted a black tea with lemon and mint for that particular season.  It tastes lovely hot, and amazing iced, and is a wonderful refresher for mid-summer and the kind of heat that makes you think of a Shel Sivlerstein poem.

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Blackberry Soothie (Tea for GI Disorders)

Price: $5.00 - $24.00

'Blackberry Soothie' was blended due to a custom request for a tea to assist with Ulcerative Colitis.  After the research was done, the data I was sent added in, and the general dust had settled, I came to the conclusion that we needed three teas to handle the request appropriately.

This tea is the one specifically for the condition.  It is designed to help ease inflammation in the intestines, heal prior damage, clear infection, and generally make your insides a happier place.

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Bone Binder (Organic Tea for Bone Health, Healing, and Strengthening)

Price: $4.50 - $22.00

Bone Binder was created to act as a bone health tea.  Initially intended for healing after breaks, it will also work quite well as an osteoporosis tea.

The taste is a green earthy chai.

The inspiration for this tea came from someone my partner took classes with.  He had a fairly bad accident that ended with broken bones.  He also ended up with liver issues from infection and antibiotic reaction, but that provoked a different tea.

When Desert Sage Natural came up in conversation, he asked if we had any teas that would help.  We didn't, so I blended one.

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