Smoke in the Water (Organic Smokey Elderberry Chai)

Price: $5.50 - $25.50

'Smoke in the Water' was a tea inspired during the blending of another tea.

I love elderberries, and I love chai, and discovering that elderberries and black tea went together quite well, I wanted to make an elderberry chai.

We took our current darkest smokliest tea, added a touch of vanilla, an array of chai spices, and the desired elderberries, and this tea was the delightful result.

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Price: $5.00 - $26.50

Inspired by one of Mister Tea's favorite cookies, Snickerdoodle is a richly relaxing tea inspired by the cookie.

For more information about Snickerdoodle, please visit this link.

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Something for the Pain (Organic Rose Green Tea for Pain)

Price: $3.00 - $46.00

Something for the Pain is a Green Tea with Rose accents intended to help with pain.

This tea was long in the making.  On top of my own chronic pain issues, I have known quite a few women suffering from fibromyaljia, and I wanted to make as certain as I could that we had a tea that would both help with pain mitigation AND be something people would actually be willing to drink.

One of the hurdles was one of my personal rules for herbal work.  For the things we offer online, I try to stick with herbs that do not require close supervision, as I do not want a customer to accidentally harm themselves by not following our instructions exactly.  Unfortunately, this personal rule made creating a tea for heavier duty pain a long process.

Something for the Pain is the tea that came out of that work process.  It is one of two teas that we have that do some good when things are so bad that I can't think or breathe.  There are times when all you really feel like you can do is curl up in a person shaped ball of vibrating pain...  and having options to change that has been brilliant.

Something for the Pain and Achievement Unlocked:  Still Standing have allowed me to add more time and functionality to my life without having to resort to narcotics.

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Stone Cold Cold Killer (Organic tea for Colds and Flu)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Stone Cold Cold Killer was blended to help for the symptoms and duration of the common cold, and will help against flu, as well.  The taste is a slightly sweet Peppermint.

If you manage to go a year without catching a cold or the flu or some form of seasonal crud or another, you've had a miraculous year.  This is especially true in an area like the one we live in, where the weather loves to shift back and forth between extremes abruptly.

This blend will boost the immune system, help make coughing useful, and ease the foggy cruddy ick that colds cause in your head.  It also has both anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

For the full story of this tea, please visit this link.

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Straight Up Chai (Organic Chai)

Price: $5.00 - $25.50

There came a point where we realized we had 9 chais or chai-type blends, but none of them was a 'standard' chai.

We had chais with chocolate and vanilla, chais with various sorts of fruit...

We decided we needed a more basic chai, and blended this tea.

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Take a Breath (Organic Ceylon and Keemun Black Tea)

Price: $5.50 - $24.00

Take a Breath was created to a near perfect black tea for drinking when you want to relax.

One of the issues we have run into with teas we don't blend is my chemical sensitivities.  Slowly but surely it has gotten to the point where if it isn't organic and clean, I really shouldn't consume it.  This took away a great many teas I used to love.  One of them was the blend our Melody Grey was based on.  Take a Breath came from my partner's second favorite straight black tea.  Since he has to eat the same diet I do, his body is becoming less forgiving of chemicals as well.

So, to give him back his tea, I blended Take a Breath.  A combination of Keemun and Ceylon teas, it is a lighter black, suitable for an afternoon on the porch, or with a book, or...  Honestly, it is also just a really tasty straight black tea.

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Tea at Pemberley

Price: $13.00 - $17.50

'Tea at Pemberley' was born out of a custom request.

We were asked if we had a lavender earl grey.  At the time, we did not.  It was on our list of tea ideas, but that list is fairly long, and we hadn't gotten to it yet.

We worked up the blend, and sent it out, and the person it was intended for was happy with the blend.

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Teapocalypse Gift Sets

Price: $35.00 - $121.00

Our 'Teapocalypse' sets began as a jesting conversation, and slowly became more serious the longer we discussed it.

In the end, we chose a selection of teas that we thought would be the most useful, if modern life failed, and split them into groups to give you a bit more choice.

Our Teapocalypse (Injury) contains our two pain teas 'Something for the Pain' and 'Achievement Unlocked:  Still Standing,' as well as our 'AnTeaInfection,' and 'Bone Binder.

Our Teapocalypse (Illness) contains our immune system tea (S.H.I.E.L.D.), our general cold/flu/illness tea (Hershel's Gift), our 'Back to Breathing,' and our 'Fever-B-Gone.'

The complete set adds our 'Dog's Life:  Ash's Phoenix,' our Heart's Ease (Original), and our SereniTea:  Mellow Breeze.  This allows for taking care of your companions, although 'Ash's Phoenix' will work for humans, too.  It also gives a bit of assistance in areas where care will still be needed, even after the pharmacies are no longer functioning.

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Tenth Life: Ro's Restoration

Price: $10.50

Tenth Life:  Ro's Restoration was blended to improve the cardiac health and mood of cats.

This tea came out of the realization that cats do bond, very strongly, with each other, and that depression is not something only humans suffer.

Ro had been our youngest cat for the entirety of her life, with our two old battleaxe cats teaching her everything they knew, even while being aggravated by the presence of a kitten.  Their interactions never seemed truly amicable, although there was an element of "no one beats up on my sibling but me" to it.  We lost both of the elder statescat in the same year, one at around 20, and the other well past it....  and Ro didn't handle it well at all.

She went half feral, I think, at least in part, because she was looking for her old cats.  A little before this we'd discovered she had heart problems, but we couldn't get her take the aspirin our vet suggested, so matter what format we tried to give it to her in.

So I decided to blend a tea to help with her depression and loss, and to help get her heart healthier.  It has helped with both things it was designed for.

For the full story of the tea, please visit this link.

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The Great Pumpkin

Price: $9.00 - $39.50

The Great Pumpkin is one of two teas we created for the fall love of things that taste of Pumpkin & Spice.  We wanted to have one version that was "decaf," so that enjoying it could be done late in the evening, when you still need to be able to sleep.

For more information on this tea, please visit this link.

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