Tenth Life: Ro's Restoration

<span>Tenth Life:  Ro's Restoration:</span> Tenth Life:  Ro's Restoration<span>Tenth Life:  Ro's Restoration:</span> Tenth Life:  Ro's Restoration
Tenth Life:  Ro's RestorationTenth Life:  Ro's Restoration
Price: $10.50

Ro's Restoration contains:  Hawthorn Berries (as they improve all aspects of cardiac health), Motherwort (also to assist the heart, and to ease her grief), Dandelion Root to keep her liver and kidneys healthy, and Rosemary for antioxidants and mental acuity.  All ingredients are organic.

Dosage depends on the weight of the cat in question, varying from 1/8 c a day for 1-5 lbs up to 1/4 c twice a day for 10+ lbs.  It can also be given dry.  If you let me know the weight of your cat when you order, I can customize the label for you.

A batch of Ro's Restoration weighs 2 ounces.

At present, we only offer the Tenth Life teas as a single batch of loose tea in one of our compostable tintie bags.  If you would like a different containment option, we can discuss it.

****I am not a vet. I have studied texts written by holistic vets (most of whom either started in allopathic medicine, or use both methods in their practices.) I apply the same standard of research to my pet teas that I do the ones for their bipeds. This includes needing to know about any medications they are currently being given.  However, as with human medicine, the information presented here has not been evaluated by the FDA or other agencies, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease from a medical standpoint.