Dog's Life: Emma's Aegis (Organic Immune System Tea for Dogs)

<span>Dog's Life:  Emma's Aegis (Organic Immune System Tea for Dogs):</span> Dog's Life:  Emma's Aegis (Organic Immune System Tea for Dogs)
Dog's Life:  Emma's Aegis (Organic Immune System Tea for Dogs)
Price: $8.00

Dog's Life:  Emma's Aegis contains Echinacea, Red Clover, Thyme, and Garlic.  All ingredients are organic.

There are differing opinions on whether or not dogs should consume garlic.  The garlic is less than 20% of the weight of this tea, so we are not talking a large amount.  However, it is still a judgement call, and something you might want to speak to your vetrinarian with.  If you do decide to eschew the garlic, please contact me directly, and I can blend a version of this without it.

Additionally, if your dog has been prescribed any medications, you should consult with both myself and your doctor to make sure the herbs and the medications will work properly together.

A batch weighs 2 ounces, dosage varies depending on the weight of the dog in question.  If you let me know how much your dog weighs, I can customize the labels for you.

****I am not a vet. I have studied texts written by holistic vets (most of whom either started in allopathic medicine, or use both methods in their practices.) I apply the same standard of research to my pet teas that I do the ones for their bipeds. This includes needing to know about any medications they are currently being given.  However, as with human medicine, the information presented here has not been evaluated by the FDA or other agencies, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease from a medical standpoint.