After the Cut (Organic Hormonal Support Tea for Cats and Dogs)

Price: $8.00 - $9.50

The After the Cut teas were blended because one of the authors of a couple of my research books suggested that since humans get hormonal support when things go wrong or change, shouldn't our pets get the same respect?  I decided I agreed with him, and blended our After the Cut teas to offer options for both male and female dogs and cats.


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Dog's Life: Ash's Phoenix (Organic Tea for Sick Dogs)

Price: $15.50

Dog's Life:  Ash's Phoenix was blended because a friend had a dog who was experiencing a "violent sickness of unknown origin."  He was losing weight, purging from both ends, unable to eat, and...  I wanted to do something to help.

As it was unknown what was causing the illness, Ash's Phoenix is both antibacterial and antiviral.  There are also herbs in it that heal, cushion, and ease the damage caused by vomiting and diarrhea.  Lastly, we made sure to include solid nutritional herbs to give him access to at least a little fuel.

If you look through all the images attached to this tea you will get to see pictures of Ash while he was still ill and in recovery, and afterwards, in his current full healthy brilliance.

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Dog's Life: Cellular PuriTea (Organic Tea for Fighting Cancer for Dogs)

Price: $16.50

Dog's Life:  Cellular PuriTea was blended to help our three time cancer survivor pup stay healthy.  We had decided that we weren't going to put her through surgery again, and for the particular version of cancer she is prone to, there is not another solution.

She's still cancer free, and we worry more about her age now than we do the possibility of her cancer returning.

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Dog's Life: Emma's Aegis (Organic Immune System Tea for Dogs)

Price: $8.00

Dog's Life:  Emma's Aegis is one of two teas blended to help a friend's dog fight off heartworm.  This tea focuses on supporting the immune system in all the ways I could think of, with the strongest support in the areas that I knew would assist with heartworm.  While blended for a pup with heartworm, this tea is a good immune system support for most illnesses.


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Dog's Life: Emma's Heart (Organic Heart Health Tea for Dogs)

Price: $8.00

Dog's Life:  Emma's Heart is one of two teas we blended to help a dog belonging to a friend who was dealing with heartworm.

There are two focuses to this tea.  The first is general cardiac health.  The second is helping the body to fend off and kill the parasites themselves.

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Dog's Life: Expecto (Kennel) Coughonum (Organic Respiratory Tea for Dogs)

Price: $8.00

Dog's Life:  Expecto (Kennel) Coughonum was blended because of our most recent rescue.

She is an amazing dog, but she brought a strain of kennel cough home with her, and I need to get her healthy, and keep our other two pups from becoming unhealthy due to her arrival.  The tea was blended to attack both the possible viral option as well as the bacterial.

All three of our pups took to it quite happily, both as liquid and as dried added to their food.  Dulce recovered, and Domino and Chasyr stayed healthy.

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Dog's Life: Leaps and Bounds (Organic Tea for Canine Arthritis)

Price: $8.00

Dog's Life:  Leaps and Bounds was blended because watching our 10 year old try to stand became too painful to watch.  I decided to see if there was anything I could do herbally to help her.

She can stand now, without that painful hitching and careful gauging, and while she isn't standing up like a circus dog, like she did when she was a puppy, she sits up on her hindquarters and does her best.

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Dog's Life: Peaceful Days (Organic Anxiety tea for Dogs)

Price: $8.50 - $20.00

Dog's Life:  Peaceful Days was created to calm pups with too much energy, and high levels of anxiety.

One of our puppies is either a pure-bred heeler, or mostly heeler, and this seems to come with high levels of territoriality, energy, and anxiety.  She is an amazing dog, but she takes so many things so seriously, that she ends up in a constantly wired state that I know isn't good for her.  (This is regardless of how much exercise she gets.)  Add to that I have health issues, and the ups and downs of that also cause her anxiety...  I decided to make a tea to help level her out a little.

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Dog's Life: Puppy Breath Mint (Organic Breath Aid for Dogs)

Price: $8.00 - $19.00

The name on this one pretty much says it all.  We blended Peppermint and Sage into a tea that supports both dental health and the capacity to stay conscious after face-licks from your puppy.

We suggest using it by adding it to the water bowl, you can experiment with how much seems water to tea, but I would suggest no more than 1/3 tea in the bowl.  This blend is also cat friendly, so shared dishes are not an issue.  

For more complete information on this tea, please visit this link.


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Tenth Life: Ro's Restoration

Price: $10.50

Tenth Life:  Ro's Restoration was blended to improve the cardiac health and mood of cats.

This tea came out of the realization that cats do bond, very strongly, with each other, and that depression is not something only humans suffer.

Ro had been our youngest cat for the entirety of her life, with our two old battleaxe cats teaching her everything they knew, even while being aggravated by the presence of a kitten.  Their interactions never seemed truly amicable, although there was an element of "no one beats up on my sibling but me" to it.  We lost both of the elder statescat in the same year, one at around 20, and the other well past it....  and Ro didn't handle it well at all.

She went half feral, I think, at least in part, because she was looking for her old cats.  A little before this we'd discovered she had heart problems, but we couldn't get her take the aspirin our vet suggested, so matter what format we tried to give it to her in.

So I decided to blend a tea to help with her depression and loss, and to help get her heart healthier.  It has helped with both things it was designed for.

For the full story of the tea, please visit this link.

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