Whoa-oh Blackberry (Bam-a-Lam) (Blackberry Sage Tea)

Price: $6.00 - $21.50

Whoa-Oh Blackberry is a Black tea with Sage and Freeze-Dried Blackberries.

This was actually the first flavour tea we ever made.  However, I promptly lost the notes for it, and it was two years before they were excavated from some old paperwork. But we did find them, and I refined them, and this tea was released upon the world.

This is a good all around tea, relaxing when you need it, invigorating when you need it, and makes it easier to think whenever you drink it.

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Wibbley Wobbley Thymey Limey (Grey) (Organic Earl Grey, Lime, and Thyme Tea)

Price: $6.50 - $25.50

Wibbley Wobbley Thymey Limey (Grey) starts with a good Earl Grey, and then adds an extra dose of citrus through the Lime, and a bit of savory spice with the Thyme.

The tale on this tea is a bit involved.  The short version is that my partner and I frequent farmer's markets.  At one of the ones we frequent, there was a woman who made the most amazing limeades and lemonades and other fruit concoctions.  When the season ended, I realized I would not longer be able to have my weekly treat of my favorite of her limeades.  This led to the blending of a couple of teas to tide me over until the season started again.

Wibbley Wobbley Thymey Limey (Grey) was one of these two teas, and, as Whovian, the name was too good to pass up.

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Winter is Coming (Ginger Peppermint White Tea)

Price: $3.50 - $15.00

Winter is Coming finds its inspiration in a commercial tea blend I can no longer drink.

It wasn't quite perfect, which actually makes me glad we had to reblend it clean.

This tea is a ginger peppermint white tea, equally useful as a winter warming tea and an iced and waiting for winter tea.

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