Achievement Unlocked: Still Standing (Tea for nondrowsy pain relief)

Price: $5.00 - $60.00

Achievement Unlocked:  Still Standing was created because of a need for a tea that helped with pain management, but did not provoke drowsiness.  The taste is a smoky black tea with hints of rose and something pleasantly earthier and greener.

Our first nerve pain tea was born out of my need for pain management combined with my history of bad luck with pharmaceutical medications.  It seemed that you could not get pain relief without getting fuzzy-headed or too sleepy to actually manage to do anything.  On top of that, I'm allergic to a lot of the fillers used.  The idea had existed for quite some time, but interacting with a number of women with fibromyaljia made me get around to blending our Something for the Pain.

Something for the Pain was a good start, but depending on how hard you work yourself, it can cause a bit of tiredness.  A bit of pain relief allows your body to realize just how much it needs sleep.  

Achievement Unlocked:  Still Standing was created to be a pain relief tea for the days when you have to maintain full functionality.  It should not be used constantly, but it does wonders when really needed.  It helps that it is also one of our tastiest medicinals.

For more information on the tea, please visit this link.

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Allerg-Ease (Organic Herbal Tea for lessening allergic response)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Allerg-Ease was blended to ease the symptoms of allergies, and with regular use, gentle the strength of your response to allergens.  The taste is a sweetly floral lemongrass.

The idea for the tea came from watching my partner deal with allergy medications, both pharmaceutical and some holistic and herbal preparations.  It seemed they all had one primary thing in common - they tasted vile.  So I decided to create a tea that would help with allergies that actually tasted good.

For the full story of the tea, please visit this link.

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Anna's AnTeaInfection (Organic Tea for fighting infection)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Anna's AnTeaInfection combines Goldenseal, Echinacea, Ginger Root, Marjoram, and Eleuthro to create a tea that acts as an anti-viral, an antibacterial, and an anti-fungal.  It also acts as an immune system booster.  It tastes primarily like the Ginger and Marjoram, with a background of "herbal" that manages to avoid being strongly Echinacea and Goldenseal.

This tea came about because a friend was dealing with a very specific and rather nasty infection.  After the bug was identified, I researched, and through that research, discovered that there was an herb that had performed well in trials against antiobiotic resistant strains of the bug in question (Pseudomonas.)  Anna's AnTeaInfection was blended to center around that herb (Marjoram), and then to still act as both an assist to the immune system and a good "fighting thing that make you sick" tea.


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AnTeaInfection (Organic Tea for fighting infections and sickness)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

AnTeaInfection was created to give an option other than antiobiotics for illness.  It is an anti-bacterial tea that has some anti-viral and anti-fungal action as well.  It tastes of Sage and other non-bitter green herbs.

Antibiotics have steadily become more and more of a pet peeve of mine.  Both through over-prescribing and through unfinished courses getting dumped into the garbage, they are getting out into the world in amounts that are helping to slowly make basic illnesses less basic and more dangerous.  I set a goal early on for developing options in herbal tea form for most basic illnesses so that we could have a first echelon of defense that didn't require pharmaceutical medications.

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Aphrodite's Ambrosia (Organic Chocolate Rose tea for Libido Enhancement)

Price: $6.50 - $25.00

Aphrodite's Ambrosia is a Chocolate Rose tea with a hint of vanilla and earthy spice blended to enhance the female libido.

This tea came out of a custom request for a tea, and one that we were quite glad to see.  There are some medications and some stages of life that dull mental and physical capacity to have any interest in physical intimacy.  Aphrodite's Ambrosia was created to give that capacity back.  It was designed for women, but would likely help men as well.

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Autumn Morning's Peace (Organic Tea for Diarrhea)

Price: $3.00 - $16.50

'Autumn Morning's Peace' is the third and last of the teas we created to attempt to help deal with ulcerative colitis.

This one was created specifically to help deal with chronic diarrhea and the pain associated with it.

Interestingly, it should be useful under a variety of circumstances, well beyond the condition that spawned the creation of it.

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Back to Breathing (Organic Tea for Sinus Infections and Respiratory Health)

Price: $3.00 - $23.00

Back to Breathing was blended to combat my partner's persistent sinus infections, as well as to assist with general respiratory health.  The taste is mint, with a side of a different kind of mint, with a little bit of sweet added from the clover.

My partner used to suffer from sinus infections that would culminate with heavy doses of antibiotics, ridiculous amounts of facial swelling, and a ruined world for a week or more.  After watching this progression a few times, I figured there had to be a better option.  The hope was that this tea would nip the infections in the bud before they got far enough to be absolutely miserable.  This tea has staved them off for years now.  We've also received positive reports on this as an allergy tea, and an asthma tea.


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Blackberry Soothie (Tea for GI Disorders)

Price: $5.00 - $24.00

'Blackberry Soothie' was blended due to a custom request for a tea to assist with Ulcerative Colitis.  After the research was done, the data I was sent added in, and the general dust had settled, I came to the conclusion that we needed three teas to handle the request appropriately.

This tea is the one specifically for the condition.  It is designed to help ease inflammation in the intestines, heal prior damage, clear infection, and generally make your insides a happier place.

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Bone Binder (Organic Tea for Bone Health, Healing, and Strengthening)

Price: $4.50 - $22.00

Bone Binder was created to act as a bone health tea.  Initially intended for healing after breaks, it will also work quite well as an osteoporosis tea.

The taste is a green earthy chai.

The inspiration for this tea came from someone my partner took classes with.  He had a fairly bad accident that ended with broken bones.  He also ended up with liver issues from infection and antibiotic reaction, but that provoked a different tea.

When Desert Sage Natural came up in conversation, he asked if we had any teas that would help.  We didn't, so I blended one.

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Caryn's MS Marvel (Organic tea for Multiple Sclerosis)

Price: $8.00 - $25.00

Caryn's MS Marvel was created to assist with the symptoms of MS, and the side-effects of some of the most common pharmaceutical medication used for it.  The taste of the tea is a spicy Lemon Rose with a hint of Cardamom.

We decided to blend this tea because a woman very dear to us carries the diagnosis of MS.

Due to being able to understand bits and pieces of what that particular disease does to you, I wanted to come up with a tea that would help both with symptoms, and with some of the more common side-effects of the medication lists that often end up attached to it.  We were pleasantly surprised when the blend of herbs I chose turned out to be quite a tasty mix as well.

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Cat's Hopeful H.O.T. (Organic Tea for Hormone Balancing, Uterine Bleeding, Fibroids, and general angst)

Price: $4.00 - $18.00

This tea was created because a friend had a later-in-life pregnancy, and the aftermath was beyond complicated.  Cat's Hopeful H(eal) O(ver) T(ime) was blended to help with as much of what was going wrong as I could manage.  It has some hormonal balancing properties, will increase the speed of internal healing, has some astringency to help with the bleeding, a lot of support for general female health, and a bit of pain-killing to round it out.


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Cellular PuriTea (Organic Tea for fighting cancer)

Price: $3.50 - $13.00

This tea was blended because cancer is something my partner and I have experience with.  Several people that we care about have fought the disease, and watching that fight, it was something I had to create a tea for.

Cellular PuriTea is a Green Tea with hints of Rose and Almond.

This tea gently supports the immune system, the cleansing system, and adds a bit of calming and stress relief.  It has direct anti-cancer action through the green tea, the almonds, and the synergistic action of the Burdock Root and Red Clover.  However, this tea was designed to be pleasantly drinkable at whatever stage of treatment an individual was in, rather than bringing out the biggest herbal guns.

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Cellular PuriTea: Cleansing and Digestive (Organic Tea for Cancer)

Price: $5.50 - $22.50

Cellular PuriTea:  Cleansing and Digestive came about because a customer wanted a more targeted anti-cancer tea.  A lot of our specific conditions are fairly broad spectrum, to deal with many different iterations of the disease or condition.  A family member was dealing with pancreatic cancer, so we blended this tea to bolster the cleansing systems of the body and assist in the fight against cancer.

It is an earthier green tea with hints of rose.

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Cinnamon Throat Soother (Organic Cinnamon Tea for Sore Throats)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Cinnamon Throat Soother is a Cinnamon Sage tea for soothing sore throats and easing many of the causes for them.

Sore throats are a thing.  From over-exertion from having to talk too much to the inevitable result of colds and flu to...  They happen a lot.  It was one of the first issues we knew we needed to approach, and this was one of our first medicinal teas.

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Cognitive Colada (Organic Tea for fighting Dementia and Memory Loss)

Price: $5.00 - $23.00

Cognitive Colada was created because Mister Tea and I have watched people dealing with watching a loved one slowly slip away through various forms of senility and dementia.  Even seeing it from the outside or from the edges is horrifying, and we wanted to create something to help.  It is a tasty pineapple coconut green tea, with medicinal herbs to assist with various aspects of mental functioning.


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De-Toxic Avenger (Organic Detox Tea)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

De-Toxic Avenger is a tea tasting of Lemongrass and Jasmine that was designed to help with detoxification, especially when working through leaving an addiction behind.

The herbs chosen will also help to calm the nerves and level your mood a bit.

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Edie's Not Hot (Organic Tea for Menopause and Hot Flashes)

Price: $3.00 - $27.00

Edie's Not Hot was blended due to a custom request.  

There was a lovely lady I had been conversing with about various teas, as she had ordered some of our geeky samplers, and she asked if we had a tea for hot flashes.

We did not, as yet.  I had done most of the research for it, because it seemed like a tea we should have, but no one had specifically needed it, so it kept getting moved down the to-do list.  In the end, Edie's Not Hot was blended to assist with menopause generally, but to focus on hot flashes.

The name for the tea came from her initial review.  She commented that now, thankfully, she was not-hot.

Edie's Not Hot tastes of Mint and Sage, with the other herbs adding notes that are hard to describe, but pleasant.

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Expecto Coughonum (Organic tea for Coughing)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Expecto Coughonum is a lightly sweet lightly lemon herbal tea blended to help with coughing.

There are a number of situations and issues that my partner and I knew we had to create teas for early on.  Coughing is one of them.

One of the reasons why herbs are so lovely, is that many of them act differently depending on what you currently need.  Or, more accurately, they provide your body with the tools, so it can do what it needs.  This tea is a good example of this.  If you need mucous loosened so you can cough productively, Expecto Coughonum can help with that.  If you just need to stop coughing because your body can't take it anymore, it can help with that.  If you need that tickle in the back of your throat to stop so that it will stop making you cough, it can help with that, too.


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Fever-B-Gone (Organic Tea for Fever)

Price: $3.00 - $13.00

Fever-B-Gone is a medicinal tea designed to help with fever reduction, and some of the things that cause it.  The taste is primarily peppermint.

Fever are one of those things that occur with more frequency than anyone really enjoys or cares to think about.  They fell into the category of "we need to make a tea for this."

Amusingly enough, despite that logic, this was still a tea that was not blended until I was actually in the throes of a fairly wretched fever.  It occurred to me, as I wandered around wondering if my brain was actually boiling yet, that I should make a tea.  I did, it brought my fever down, I checked my notes to make sure I had done it correctly and safely...  and Fever-B-Gone was born.

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Fighting Chance (Organic tea for fighting staph)

Price: $3.00 - $16.50

Fighting Chance was created because the mother of a friend was fighting an antiobiotic resistant staph infection.  She asked if we had a tea that would help.  I dove into my research, and discovered studies from both Germany and Japan that indicated that honeysuckle was an effective treatment for all the currently known strains.

Utilizing the information discovered and a couple of other antiobiotic herbs, we blended this tea.

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Getting Past the Joneses (Alcohol) (Organic Tea to assist with addiction recovery)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Getting Past the Joneses (Alcohol) is a tea to assist with the process of recovering from alcoholism.  It was blended to help with the cravings, and to assist with the mental and physical symptoms as you work through it.  The taste is primarily ginger, with some greener herbal flavours too.

I've known a lot of people who have both used and ceased using one bad-for-them substance or another.  (For most I've known, it has been cigarettes.)  Really good idea in the long term, but no matter what you are trying to quit, pretty nasty experience in the short term.

This tea was sparked by a conversation with a man who had been interested in some of our detox teas.  Over the course of the messages he explained why he was interested, to give me an idea of what level of detox and what had caused it, and I decided to blend this tea.

The herbs chosen for this tea will help with the cravings, help to calm the anxiety that rears up during withdrawals, nutritives to keep your vitamin counts up, and will also help to ease the nausea that often goes along with the process.

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Healing Potion (Organic Tea for Recovery)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50
Retail Price: $8.50 (Save $0.50)

Healing Potion was blended to assist with recovery after illness or surgery.  It is a more savory Green Tea with Calendula sweetening the Basil and Lemongrass.

This tea began as much as an experiment with taste as it did as a targeted medicinal.  I had come across multiple references to the wonderful health benefits of basil, and I wanted to create a tea that would utilize basil and taste like a drinking tea, rather than something that would work as a broth.  It manages that, quite nicely.  As far as the medicinal side goes, this tea is for recovery and stabilization after a long illness, or for support during one.

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Heart's Ease (Organic Tea for Heart Health and Healing)

Price: $3.50 - $37.00

Heart's Ease, in all three versions, was blending to assist with cardiac health.  It is also a lovely drinking tea.  I use it for an evening tea with shortbread fairly frequently.

This tea was made for a friend who had always been worried about her heart.  There was an arrhythmia when she was younger, and the weird occasional chest pain.  Later it became a boon for me as well, because chronic pain causes all sorts of stresses on the body, including a lot of wear and tear on the heart.

There are three versions of this tea.  The original, the alternate (which was blended so that people taking certain prescriptions could still get the benefits of the Hawthorn), and the Black (which was blended so that people less used to herbal teas could still access the benefits of this blend.)

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Hershel's Gift (Elderberry Mint Tea for Colds and Flu)

Price: $3.00 - $14.00

Hershel's Gift is a tasty combination of Yarrow, Peppermint, and Elderberries.  The combination is a very effective package for fighting many of the causes of cold and flu, and it eases many of the symptoms.

The Walking Dead is a show I have followed for quite some time, and I was surprised that the writing drew me in so thoroughly.  I wasn't expecting such depth from a show about the Zombie Apocalypse.  One of the things I love about the show is that the characters are fully realized.  They are not one dimensional, and they are not campy sketches.  Hershel became one of my favorite characters as they fleshed him out, and the Walking Dead gained even more of my respect when he went outside the fences to gather Elderberry.  As an herbalist, seeing information presented that was accurate was quite a treat.

At the time I jested that we shoud rename our elderberry cold and flu tea in his honor.  I set the idea aside to think about, and it got lost in the day to day rhythm of life and tea.

However, when they killed him, it came right back to the forefront of my mind.  So, in honor of the character, and in memorium, we present to you Hershel's Gift.

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Joyous Joints (Organic Tea for Soft Tissue Damage)

Price: $3.50 - $12.50

Joyous Joints was created for dealing with soft tissue injuries - pulls, sprain, strains, dislocation, etc...  The blend will help with pain, muscle relaxation, and healing.

If you want to see more of the story of the tea, please visit this link:  

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Karen's Comfort (Organic Tea for Eczema and Itching)

Price: $3.00 - $13.00

Karen's Comfort was blended to help with skin reactions, from rashes to irritating levels of itching.

It was sparked by a conversation with a lovely lady who had ordered our Migraine Mitigator.  She was having some truly aggravating skin issues, which led to research, which led to this tea.

Karen't Comfort can also be brewed and used as a skin or scalp wash.  I have also turned it into a glycerite for home use, where it has kept me sane after weeding things I was allergic to or finding patches of ants.

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Karen's Fibroid Diminisher (Organic Tea for Uterine Health, Fibroids, and Hormone Balancing)

Price: $5.50 - $55.00

Karen's Fibroid Diminisher was born out of conversation with one of our earliest customers on Etsy.  We were discussing various health issues she was having, and I realized that I could blend a tea to help.

This blend will help with hormone balance and overall uterine health, as well as assist with maintaining normal cellular growth.

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Lemon Glow (Organic Lemon Detox Tea)

Price: $3.00 - $14.00

Lemon Glow is a tea for systemic detox.

When you take a look at everything we intake in the modern world, whether it be intentionally or accidentally, you can understand why the body can get overloaded.  From the air we breathe to the places we live to the things we sleep on to what we eat...  there is a pretty constant barrage of chemicals, pollutants, and sundry residues.

Due to the constant barrage, I wanted to have a tea that would support the systems that help us to process all the garbage.

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Licorice Throat Soother (Organic Tea for Sore Throats)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Licorice Throat Soother was created to help deal with the side effects of having a cold or the flu or...  anything that involves having made your throat raw and uncomfortable.

As anything with Licorice involved, the taste is primarily Licorice, with a bit of Cinnamon and Sage in the mix.

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Little Blue Tea (Organic Tea for Male Stamina and Vitality)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Little Blue Tea was blended to provide a healthier alternative to the “Little Blue Pill” that has become a commonplace “cure” for erectile dysfunction.  The pharmaceutical option carries with it a number of problems in the way of side-effects and the necessity of having it available when the right situation has arisen...  and you haven't.

This tea is a daily drinker that will help with the common causes of erectile dysfunction, thus allowing you to perform at need without having to schedule it, or worry about death or permanent disfigurement.  (I bring this up because, as a guy, I understand that the fear of Priapism is sometimes worse than the fear of Heart Attack.)


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Lunar Lullabye (Organic Tea for Menstruation Insomnia)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Lunar Lullabye was created because the reason for the insomnia sometimes dictates a different blend of herbs.  Our Moon Song is our daytime tea for 'that time of the month,' but some of the herbs in it are energizing, and thus it is not a good choice for easing the insomnia that can happen alongside the rest.

Lunar Lullabye takes the most important herbs for menses, and adds in some herbs to assist with sleep and relaxation.

The taste is a light mint, with an almost nutty base.

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Maggie's Fogcutter (Organic Tea for Mental Clarity and Focus)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Maggie's Fogcutter is a Rosemary Sage tea blended for improving mental clarity, focus, and memory.

This tea was blended for a very dear friend.  She had gotten to an age where she was worried about her mind.  Fear of mental deterioration trumped all the other fears that age can bring.  She'd noticed that she was losing track of things more often, and felt like she was more forgetful.  After a number of conversations with her, I blended this tea.

She started using it immediately and faithfully, and thanked me many times for the results it brought her.

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Mario's Goomba Stomper (Organic Anti-Fungal Tea)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Mario's Goomba Stomper was one of two teas created for a family member who requested an anti-fungal blend.  It can be used as a tea, or as a rinse.

The taste is a savory cinnamon, though it still takes honey well.

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Melonie's Wish (Organic Tea for Liver and Kidney Health)

Price: $5.00 - $17.50

Melonie's Wish was blended because a friend of a friend was facing the kind of health issue that knocks you over hearing about it, much less confronting it.

This was a delicate tea to blend.  The herbal toolbox has a long list of things to use for healing and helping the liver and kidneys and cleansing systems generally.  The difficulty for this tea is that most of them are overly potent in action for a system that is near complete failure.  To add to the complexity, the medications used once you are that ill have long and intricate lists of side effects and interactions.

It took many hours of research into the medications and herbs for this tea to be created.  However, the end result is a gently supportive tea for the body's cleansing systems that will also help with many of the side effects of the pharmaceutical medications used for when those systems are close to shutting down.

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Migraine Mitigator (Organic Tea for Migraines)

Price: $3.00 - $32.00

Migraine Mitigator was born out of a phone call from Mister Tea, and it also has the honor of being the tea that started us down the path of creating Desert Sage Natural.

A friend of his from work was experiencing one of his infamously bad migraines.  These migraines came with a long list of triggers, including a lack of ability to drink hot beverages.  So I was given the challenge of making a tea to calm the head pain, while avoiding all of those triggers.  I checked a couple things to be sure of efficacy, and blended the original version of this tea.  The effect was pretty close to miraculous for him, and has been for Mister Tea, as well.

I added the black tea later, as a catalyst, and because caffeine is not a trigger for anyone who uses the tea here.

Later on, as our initial blend gained a wider audience, we created a couple of variations on the blend.  One is a blood-thinner safe version, listed as our "alternate."  The second was created because I received a message that said something like, "Your Migraine tea sounds amazing and I love the feedback, but peppermint is a trigger for me, so is there anyway you could make one without peppermint."  This became our Cinnagin version.

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Moon Song

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Moon Song was initially blended because I have a lot of complications to 'that time of the month.' and for a very long time it was something I dreaded.  My partner decided we should make a tea to ease my issues, and it has become very helpful for other people as well.

Moon Song is a minty black tea with some herbal highlights.

There are two different variations on this tea, on of them contains Willowbark, which is the herb that aspirin is based on, and the other, which subsitutes Crampbark.

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New Hope (Organic tea for Reproductive Health and Fertility)

Price: $3.00 - $27.00

New Hope is a tea designed to help with reproductive health and fertility, for women.  The taste is an earty spicy rose.  It is actually on the list of medicinal teas that are tasty enough that I wish I could drink them.

A good friend of mine was looking at her last chance to actually have a little girl.  She was worried about her chances to conceive, and I was worried about her ability to survive conception.  She asked me for a tea, and I blended one to assist with both sides of the issue.

For more information on this tea, please visit

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NighTea Night (Organic Tea for Insomnia)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

NighTea Night is a tea for assisting with insomnia.  A cup or two half an hour to an hour before you want to be asleep will help ease you into unconsciousness, without the morning hangover that can happen with tranquilizers.

If you would like more information on this tea, please visit this link.


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Oculus Reparo (Organic Tea for Eye Health)

Price: $5.00 - $19.00

Oculus Reparo is one of two tea blended because of a degenerative eye condition Mister Tea suffers from.  When we discovered that there were no longer any valid options surgically, I decided to see if I could blend some teas to help improve his eye health.  The companion tea, Oculus Reparo Nervus, focuses primarily on the health of the optic nerve and on improving neural transmission.  Oculus Reparo is a tea for general eye health.

The flavour centers around the blueberries and the green tea, with some earthier highlights from the other herbs in the tea.

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Oculus Reparo Nervus (Organic Tea for Eye Health)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Oculus Reparo Nervus and the companion tea Oculus Reparo were blended in response to a health issue Mister Tea has been dealing with for years.  He has a degenerative eye condition that may end in blindness.  In the interim he suffers from migraines, debilitating doublt vision, and a fairly long list of other issues.

This has been a difficult thing for both of us, especially as we were unaware that there might have been a surgical solution until after the timeframe it might have helped had passed.

As is typical these days, once I had an understanding of what was going on medically, I started doing research to see what I could do to improve his situation.

Oculus Reparo Nervus focuses on the healing and general health of the ocular nerve, with some herbs for general eye health in the mix as well.

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