Jenny's Jasmine Green (Organic Genmaicha with Jasmine, Cornflower, and Nutmeg)

Price: $3.50 - $13.00

Jenny's Jasmine Green is the green version of our tea salute to Jenny, of the Whovian universe.  It starts with a green tea with roasted rice, and adds a touch of nutmeg, enough jasmine to deserve the name, and some cornflowers for colour and a hint of sweet.

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Jenny's Jasmine Grey (Organic Earl Grey with Jasmine and Cornflower)

Price: $3.00 - $17.00

Jenny's Jasmine Grey starts with Earl Grey, and then adds Jasmine and Cornflower for a relaxing floral addition with a hint of sweetness.

Tea ideas come for a variety of different reasons.  This particular one came about because there was a character from the most recent iteration of the Whovian universe who I felt we needed to pay homage too.

This tea, as the character, is truly British in its foundation, but the elegance and complexity the flowers add hint at the depth of the character. 

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Kaylee's Strawberry Shiny (Organic Strawberry Cocoa)

Price: $21.00

This concept has been a long time in the making.

We knew we wanted to make something involving chocolate and strawberry, and we even knew what we wanted to call it.

The execution of the idea turned out to be difficult.

However, our experiments with fruit powders added to cocoa have been very successful, so we can finally present to you a delicious hot beverage involving strawberry and chocolate

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Leaf on the Wind (Organic Jasmine White Tea)

Price: $3.00 - $15.00

Leaf on the Wind is a delicate combination of White Peony Tea and Jasmine Flowers.  In fragrance and taste it is soothing, and near meditative.

In our habitual tribute to geekdoms, we decided this would be an excellant match for Wash's mantra, making it the fifth of our Browncoat teas.

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Lucy in the Sky with Almonds (Organic Roasted Mate Tea with Ginseng)

Price: $4.50 - $39.00

Lucy in the Sky with Almonds is a stimulating blend of Roasted Mate, Ginseng, Cinnamon, Almonds, Oatstraw, and Hawthorn Berries.

Blended to be energizing, but with the Oatstraw and Hawthorn to balance the physical effects.

For the full story of the tea, please visit this link:

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Mario's Goomba Stomper (Organic Anti-Fungal Tea)

Price: $3.00 - $12.50

Mario's Goomba Stomper was one of two teas created for a family member who requested an anti-fungal blend.  It can be used as a tea, or as a rinse.

The taste is a savory cinnamon, though it still takes honey well.

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Melody Green (Organic Green Tea with Orange and Lemon)

Price: $4.50 - $24.50

Melody Green is a blend of High Mountain Green Tea, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, and Cornflowers.

Over time I have realized that some people prefer Green tea, some prefer Black...  others are limited in their choices of tea by health conditions.  Sometimes we come across an additional flavour set that is nifty enough, we want it to be accesible to all comers.

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Minsc Chocolate (Organic Chocolate Coconut Almond Tea)

Price: $5.50 - $21.00

Minsc Chocolate is a chocolate coconut almond tea.  The tastes mix far better in this tea than they ever did in a particular candy bar.  (For me, at least.)

It was born out of a fairly random train of thought.

It began with, "I'm making chocolate teas, I need to have a chocolate coconut tea.....  and if I have a chocolate coconut tea...  I need a chocolate coconut almond tea."  From there I knew the teas had to be paired in name, as well.

There's a lot of geekery in this household.  Some books, some shows, some types of knowledge, some games...  but when I was thinking about character pairings with some nutty involved, I was reminded most strongly of a video game I used to play.  Minsc and Boo of Baldur's Gate fame.  Of the two, Minsc was definitely the nuttier.

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Minty Frog (Organic Chocolate Mint Black Tea)

Price: $4.50 - $52.50

Minty Frog is a Chocolate MInt Black tea.

We've had our Dark City Mint as an option for quite some time, but we realized that there are people who would actually like some caffeine with their chocolate mint.  A little testing, and some very tasty test cups later, and Minty Frog was born.

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Ravendane Chai

Price: $26.00 - $30.50

'Ravendane Chai' is the happy result of my first experiment with creating a more "standard" chai for our shop.  I made it to my tastes.  This means it is heavy on cardamom.

Mister Tea pointed out that this would not qualify as a standard chai for most people.  So I kept the recipe for that version aside, knowing there was an individual I needed to consult on the flavour.  If she liked it as well, I figured we'd keep the tea.  We went on to create our 'Straight Up Chai' to fill the initial intent.

A good friend of mine has a similar yen for cardamom, and concurred with me on the delightfulness of this taste.  We discussed names for a bit, and for reasons both personal and based on referencing our friendship decided on "Ravendane Chai."

It helped that it sounds like a town where you would find a quest or have to go to on a quest, in any of a number of games and mythos'.

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