Big Easy Mocha (Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Chicory Coffee)

Price: $26.00

'Big Easy Mocha' is a rich blend of dark roast coffee, cocoa powder, and chicory.


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Istanbul, Not Constantinople (Fair Trade Organic Cardamom Coffee)

Price: $40.00

'Istanbul, Not Contantinople' is a dark roast cardamom coffee.  We grind the cardamom fresh, to give you the best flavour and experience.

This coffee was inspired by conversation over Turkish coffee with an old friend.  Sort of conversations where you could talk about anything and everything in a non-judgemental space.

Even just the smell of this brewing takes me back, and the taste is incredible.

We have tested this coffee in a percolator and in a Keurig.  Due to the performance with those two, drip coffee makers should be just fine.

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