Bonnie's Blessing (Organic Lavender Lemon Tea for Sleep)

Price: $13.00

Bonnie's Blessing is a tea that tastes of flowers and lemon that was designed to assist with insomnia and anxieety.

This tea is one of our ChariTeas, and was created to commemorate a dear friend and family member that Mister Tea and I lost in February of 2015.  Every sale of this insomnia tea will generate a donation to

My cousin, Bonnie, had been battling mitochondrial disease for over a decade, and her courage and grace in that battle did a lot to teach me about the ways I should face my own issues with chronic illness and pain.

For more information on this tea, and on Bonnie, please visit our website.

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ChariTea: I Will Survive (Organic Black Tea with Rose, Vanilla, and Calendula)

Price: $4.50 - $51.00

I Will Survive starts with Keemun Black tea, and then adds Rose and Calendula for lovely floral accents, and Vanilla to bind it all together.

I Will Survive is the first of our ChariTeas. $5 of every sale will be donated to RAINN.  ( - The Rape and Abuse Action network)

We were contacted for a donation for a clothing swap.  In her initial pitch, the woman mentioned that she donated proceeds from the swaps to RAINN, and that the extra clothing from the swap went to a local women's shelter.

For a variety of reasons, our interest was immediately piqued.

Mister Tea and I discussed it, and we moved fairly swiftly from, "Yes, let's donate something!" to "Let's make a tea specific to this charity, and cause it to create donations even after this event."

For the full story of this tea, please visit this link.


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Jerry Cordial

Price: $6.50 - $26.50

'Jerry Cordial' was born out of a couple of different concepts.

The first is that cherry cordials are something of a tradition in Mister Tea's family.

The second is that we love our 'ChariTea' concept, and love the idea of being able to make a tea for someone and have it assist with a worthy cause.  (A sort of mutual gift from the buyer and from us.

After a certain amount of experience and practice with blending dessert teas and with working with cacao nibs, we decided that we could make a cherry cordial inspired tea.  Mister Tea discussed it with he-who-enjoys-cherry-cordials, and a charity was chosen.

Each purchase of 'Jerry Cordial' will secure a donation to the Roadrunner Food Bank, a local charity with a really good track record.

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