Baby & Me: Teafor Toofers (Organic Tea for Teething Pain)

Price: $3.00 - $13.00

Baby & Me:  Teafor Toofers was blended to help with teething pain, and will also help with losing tooth pain, and with grownup tooth angst, as well.  The taste is mostly Rose, with a touch of mint and herbs.


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Baby & Me: The Complete Tea Sampler Set

Price: $46.50 - $65.50

This is a set including a sample tin of each of our Baby & Me teas, and some choices to give you the tools you need to brew them.

We start with a sample tin (5 servings) of each of our Baby & Me teas:  Milk Aplenty (Lactation Aid), NighTea Night (Insomnia), Teafors Toofers (Tooth Pain), Lemony Lullabye (Muscle Relaxant), Baby Belly Bliss (Colic and Indigestion), Maggie's Fogcutter (Mental Acuity), Back to Breathing (Respiratory), Strong Start (Vitamins), Aftermath (Depression and Stress Relief), and Allerg-Ease (Allergies).

We then add a tea scoop and your choice of either a tea strainer or a box or 100 Rishi teabags.

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